Mission Statement: Daily Life University is a community of dedicated life-long learners. Through studying Mentality, Gratitude, Health, Relationships, Finances, Choices, and Spirituality, D.L.U. aims to help others rise above mediocrity to live an Extraordinary Life!

will ferrel collegeLet me start by saying, I see value in college. Heck, I went to UW-Whitewater for 5 years. I received a Sports Management degree, made a lot of friends, and had a ton of fun.

A college education is very important for many fields. However, only half of college freshman end up finishing their degree. Also, according to research, about half of graduates don’t get a job they went to school for. Finally, americans change careers more than 7 times through out their lifetime.

This is why who we become is MORE IMPORTANT than the classes we take. We need to learn “Life Skills” for life after college.  We may not use or remember that class in the future but we will be with ourselves for the rest of our life.

Unfortunately, we don’t become the best versions of ourselves during college. It’s not necessarily the college system’s fault, but the culture of college. I have seen many of my friends struggle to find jobs, still living the party life, and move back in with parents.


College is important however here is what I found “MOST” students are experiencing:

  1. How to watch hours of re-runs and reality TV
  2. How to see the same ESPN episode 4 times in one day
  3. How to play hours of video games
  4. How to find everything out about a person on facebook instead of actually talking to them
  5. How to not respect or listen to superiors
  6. How to have multiple uncommitted relationships
  7. How to  find the laziest way possible to get something done
  8. How to make excuses
  9. How to procrastinate
  10. How to develop poor sleeping habits
  11. How to binge drink
  12. How to be unhealthy
  13. How to experiment with drugs
  14. How to cram and not remember what you learn
  15. How to be lazy
  16. How to accumulate thousands of dollars in debt
  17. How to be negative
  18. How to follow the crowd
  19. How to develop poor money habits and start a credit card to win a t-shirt
  20. How to know more chants for theirs sports teams than dreams for their future

This is not the college’s fault, but the culture students are surrounded with. College students are in desperate need of learning “Life Skills”.

That is why I made this website. My passion is to teach young people how to improve as a person. If you want to learn more about a program that will help you “Take Life to a New Level”, then dive into this website and learn about Daily Life University!

You may be able to relate to this funny clip if you’re 5+ years out of college

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  1. Margaret Gracyalny


    Great info for the kids. This is highly effective and motivating. Regarding the grammar: Your first sentence starting with “College” is a run-on. It should be changed to this:

    College is important. However,

    Your thoughts and article are so excellent. You will want to clean up this punctuation to look professional. It’s glaringly obvious so I expect you just didn’t catch that. I will share these salient points with some students I know.


    Margaret Gracyalny


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