Finance Friday

poor money decisionsMost of us are paid on Fridays. Some of you control your money and some of you let money control you. Fridays are the perfect day to learn how to build wealth. Also, to remember to save money before you spend it over the weekend.

There are many great books and blogs out there on money. One of the best programs I have experienced on general money management is “Financial Peace University” by Dave Ramsey.



New York Times best-selling author and personal finance expert Dave Ramsey is celebrating the 20thtce_promo_html anniversary of Financial Peace University.

The class began in 1994 as “Life After Debt.” Since then, nearly 2.5 million families at more than 46,000 churches and community organizations have positively changed their financial future through Financial Peace University (FPU). The nine-week course provides families and individuals with practical tools to gain control of their finances and set themselves up for long-term financial success.



For college students, Dave’s daughter (Rachel Cruze) has developed programs more specific for teens.


Think and Grow Rich: A very powerful book on to build wealth A great tool to keep track of your finances


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