Daily Affirmations Re-program your Brain

Jason’s Daily Full Potential Affirmations 2015

My Success = Loving God. Pursuing my Mission. Living my Purpose.



I will prioritize my tasks each day and focus ONLY those that achieve my 3 MAJOR GOALS this year.

  1. 1 Million Dollar District (750k Office)
  2. Miracle Morning Daily (5am-7am) (Read 20 books and start my blog/book)
  3. Have 50k saved by 2016

LIFE PURPOSE: My mission is to utilize my communication skills, life experiences, and genuine love for people to connect with and coach others in such a way that I am able to have a powerful and lasting impact on their lives. When I am gone, I do not want to be remembered for my personal accomplishments, but for the value I added and the difference I made in the lives of the people I touched. I know that I can only expect of others what I display myself, so to fulfill my mission I must be selfless, practice daily discipline, act with integrity, treat all people with love and respect, pursue my goals with extraordinary effort and unwavering faith, place a never ending importance on personal growth, follow God, and show daily gratitude for my life and the people in it.

 GOD: God loves me unconditionally. God has a plan for my life and is guiding me every step of the way. I would have nothing without God blessing me. I will do everything as if I am doing it for him. All things are possible when I actively seek God. (Phillipians 4:13)

 GRATITUDE: Experience gratitude in every moment, in everything I do. I am blessed to have the life, freedoms, and support around me that God has blessed me with.

OVERCOMING FEAR & WORRY: Only think positive, self-affirming, and confidence inspiring thoughts. There is literally nothing to fear or worry about, because I cannot fail, only learn and grow.

PROTECT MY TIME: Every minute is worth $1 to me. I will use my time wisely by focusing on the top 20% of result producing activities. I do not have time for distractions and I will interrupt interruptions by sticking to my schedule. I will delegate what I do not have time to do because others can accomplish it just as well.

CUTCO: I will stop letting my limiting beliefs get in the way of my success. Through Servant Leadership, I will attract and retain leaders by holding them accountable to their best. I will be a tough coach on my people, through Crucial Conversations, because they not only NEED it, but they WANT it. By helping others accomplish their DREAMS, I will be able to accomplish mine.

 AUTHENTICITY/SELF CONFIDENCE: Give up being perfect for being authentic. I won’t make everyone happy. Some will judge me and criticize me, while most will praise me, honor me, respect me, support me, and pray for my continued success. Everyone who truly knows me, LOVES me because of the value I share. I will portray this in my physiology and voice tone. What I say matters and I do not need to validate my leadership.

DEVELOPING PEOPLE: When I am with that person, he or she is the most important (and the only) person in the room. (Active Listening) Make every person feel like a million bucks, no matter who they are! (Appreciative Leadership – leaving a positive wake) Do this TODAY with EVERY person I come in contact with.

REST & RELAXATION: Taking moments to step back and recharge are crucial for my happiness, health, and success. Moments away from work provide me with new perspective and ideas by removing me from my day-to-day routine, environment, and allow me to share carefree timelessness with family and friends.

BEING PRESENT/JOURNALING: I will invest time in reflection, gaining a deeper perspective by asking questions like: What am I doing well that I need to acknowledge myself for? What can I be doing better? What are 3 things I’m grateful for today? What 3 things did I learn today?

CIRCLE OF INFLUENCE: I will surround myself with people who challenge me and bring me up. People who truly care about me and will hold me accountable. I will surround myself with positive, Christian, successful, healthy, hard working, and loving people.

HEALTH: I am committed to following the Tony Robbins health plan. I know by doing so, I will feel great, look amazing, and have an abundance of energy. Even at times when I am tempted, I will resist because that short period of pleasure will conflict with the feeling of long-term happiness.

FINANCIAL ABUNDANCE: My commitment in 2014 is to PROFIT over $100,000 – on my way to $300,000/year. The more money I earn/save, the greater the impact I can have on others. I am just as capable of becoming extraordinary wealthy as any other person. Also, I am committed to following the “The Total Money Makeover” and living below my means. I know that reaching this level of personal income will allow me to provide for my family, enjoy life to the fullest, travel, prepare for retirement, and give back to people less fortunate than myself. Every day I am getting more confident in my finances.

 ATTRACTING MY LIFE PARTNER: I will meet, attract, and eventually marry a woman who is kind, loving, fun, easy-going, open-minded, positive, enthusiastic, trustworthy, healthy, appreciative, and forgiving. (Proverbs 31) We will connect mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. We will share strong values and morals. She will fit in with my friends and family. Considering that we will be fighting life’s battles together, she will be able to handle adversity well. I understand that in order to attract her, it is my responsibility to display the same qualities that I desire in her. I will always love and appreciate her for who she is.

 SEXUAL PURENESS: I will not have sex before marriage from this day out. I know that God intended sex for marriage to make a man and a woman one. By doing this, I will be saving my mind and soul for who God has intended for me. I know that if I look at pornography or have sex that it will be detrimental to the way I view women and my future relationships.

MY AFFIRMATIONS: The words I have spoken to myself in the paragraphs above come straight from my heart. They are important and should never be taken lightly. I am human and I make mistakes, which is why it is critical to always remind myself of my vision and who I want to be. I understand that reaching this level of professional excellence will not be easy and that I will face many challenges along the way, but I will not let any obstacle or adversity derail me. I will always choose to value my goals and my vision over my excuses. I will read these affirmations each morning. I will let the words influence and direct me each time, as I continue to pursue my life’s ambitions.

MY BEST YEAR EVER: I acknowledge that I am just as worthy, deserving, and capable of creating extraordinary success and achieving all my goals in 2014 as any other person on earth, and that the only thing that separates me from those at the top is my level of commitment. I must get out of my comfort zone, take risks, and take action. So, I am 100% committed to making this my best year ever, and I know that to do this, I must be willing to commit at a level that I have never committed before. I am no longer willing to settle for less than I am truly capable of. If I am to create my best life, I cannot wait for someday, or some year in the future. I must do it NOW. So, stop reading and make it happen.

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