Jason’s Miracle Morning

Where I developed my Miracle Morning

“An extraordinary life is all about daily, continuous improvements in the areas that matter most.” –Robin Sharma

9:30pm         Read Evening Affirmations, Deep Breathing, & Prayer

10:00pm         Go to bed                                                               


4:30am         Get up & Live MY Life  (alarm across the room, glass of water, rebound)

4:45am          Plan out the day

14556713_10100117300526191_624946736159817366_o4:55am         Meditation/Deep Breathing       

5:05am         Devotion/Prayer

5:15am          Journal        

5:20am         Read 10+ pages

5:35am         Read Affirmations

5:50am         Exercise

6:40am         Breakfast/Juice

7:00am         Get Ready/Cold Shower

7:45am         Leave to CHANGE LIVES

8:00am         Swallow the Frog -Tackle the toughest/most important task you must get done today (10/20/30 calls)

9:00am         Champions Club

“Time is limited, so I better wake up every morning fresh and know that I have just one chance to live this particular day right, and to string my days together into a life of action and purpose.” –Lance Armstrong

2 thoughts on “Jason’s Miracle Morning

  1. Hey Jason,

    I am looking to supplement my current schedule in the morning. I’ve placed in personal contact information below. Any advice or tips you may have would be very helpful. I look forward to speaking with you.




    1. Hey Seth,
      My tips would to first find out your WHY. Why do you want to start the Miracle Morning and WHAT would this do for your life. When you have the WHY, it’s easier to stick to the goal because of the greater mission.
      Second, read Hal’s Miracle Morning book or get the main points from my website. Once you come up with routine that you’re excited about, Start implementing it. It is going to be very tough to stick to it which is why you should get new accountability partner. We have someone else working with you towards a common goal, It is much easier to do it daily you don’t feel like doing it.
      Lastly, Play around with your routine have fun with that. I have adjusted my morning routine a dozen times the find out what works best for me. Everybody’s different. Don’t focus on perfection Focus on progress.

      Hope that helps brother


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