Powerful Monthly Book Club

all leaders are readersI used to hate reading. All throughout college I would skim the book or go to “spark notes” so I wouldn’t have to actually read the book. I would get so bored when reading. Once I learned about personal growth through Vector, I became more open to reading. I started thinking about it as what can I learn from this book?  I started highlighting and taking notes in the book. In 2012 I read one of my favorite books of all time called “The Miracle Morning”. In Hal Elrod’s book, he stated that if someone were consistent and just read 10 pages a day, that would equate to 18 200 page books a year. I didn’t read 18 books during my 5 years of college.

10 pages a day? That’s 15 minutes, 20 since I’m a slow reader. I can spare 20 minutes of facebook per day. I can spend 20 minutes less of TV. Waking up 20 minutes earlier is not going to make me feel tired all day. Showing up 20 minutes later wont ruin the party. After getting into this habit of 10 pages a day has helped me take my personal growth to a whole new level.

I started diving into reading and the past 2 years have read more books than I did the previous 25 years. Here is a list I comprised of the books that brought me the most value. I am also thinking about it as a college student perspective. There are tons of business books I have read that would be great to read after graduation.cherches-book-stack

Book of the Month Club

  • January: John C. Maxwell – The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth
  • February: Greg Salciccioli – The Enemies of Excellence
  • March: Stephen R. Covey – 7 Habits of Highly Effective People
  • April: Robin Sharma – The Leader Who Had No Title
  • May: Hal Elrod – Taking Life Head On
  • June: Hal Elrod – The Miracle Morning
  • July: Tony Hsieh – Delivering Happiness
  • August: Don Miguel Ruiz – The Four Agreements
  • September: Matthew Kelly – The Rhythm of Life
  • October: Napoleon Hill – Think and Grow Rich
  • November: Matthew Kelly – Dream Manager
  • December: Dave Ramsey – Total Money Makeover

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