Live Life in the Front Row by Giving

I recently read Tony Hsieh’s book “Delivering Happiness”. He talk’s about company culture and being happy. The highest level of sustained happiness is being part of a bigger cause and giving back. You must have a purpose and mission in life. Otherwise, what are you living for? Part of living life to the fullest, is giving back. You know it feels good to give back, but why don’t you do it? Maybe you don’t know how or where to give back. Here is a great organization that I have been a part of for many years and some funny videos of our team giving back to other organizations.

Screen Shot 2014-10-03 at 2.19.33 PM




Our mission is to help individuals and families who are braving critical health challenges “live life in the front row™.” We do this by providing our recipients a front row experience at their favorite concert, sporting event, theatrical performance or other form of live entertainment. Through the generosity of many, we create life-changing moments that positively affect the mind, body, and spirit of each person involved.


I love so much about the front row. We all should be living the life of our dreams. Front row helps people who need a life of their dreams moment. Giving back and making a difference brings us so much happiness.  Giving back also makes me appreciate the life I have been blessed with. I love donating to the Front Row because it gives me a trusted company, that is making a big difference in peoples lives to donate to.


Donate NOW to Wisconsin’s Front Row Foundation Page



Other funny videos of our team giving back:


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