1. TURN ‘EM OFF – all distractions. Including friends, tv, or those SnapChat notifications. If your dorm room is too hard, then find a place that works. In the park. A local café. In your car.

2. DISCONNECT – completely. From from the internet – those pop-up notifications are deadly. From your phone – even on silent, a vibrating or flashing phone is just as distracting.

3. ROUTINE – create a sacred system. Write at your favorite time of day (I like first thing after I wake). Or write immediately after class while it is fresh on your mind and you don’t have a chance of procrastinating.In your favorite location. Play an inspiring music collection (I love chill gentle acoustic on Spotify).

4. SET YOURSELF UP FOR NO INTERRUPTIONS – with plenty of water. Have your fave drink made (I like to have a green smoothie as it gives me long term sustenance). If you think you will need nibbles have them at hand. Set it up so you have NO EXCUSES to stop and go get something.

5. MAKE A PACT – with yourself. Have a word count that you are obliged to reach. Or a project you have to finish. Set a timer if it’s a time deal.

6. REWARD – when you achieve your goal do something special! Something small that you can give yourself for reaching your goal every day. 10 minutes in the sunshine. A hot chocolate. Phone a friend. Something BIG when you finish a whole project! A night on the town. A new dress. You worked for it, you deserve it!



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