The Dirty 30 – Is your life a HALF, a THIRD, or just a FOURTH over when you turn 30?

This blog is inspired by my 30th birthday AKA the “Dirty Thirty”.  I know what you’re thinking; Oh man, this guy is getting old! As I turn 30, I get the feeling there are expectations with this milestone. I should be trading in my party hat, be busy with a family, work a 9-5 job, put on a few pounds, feel more tired, and you guessed it I should feel old.

Don’t get me wrong, the aging process has started. I definitely don’t feel 21 anymore. Recovering after a crazy night out with friends takes much longer than when I was in college. The aches and pains our elders tell us about, they are real. After a day of football or basketball with the guys, I struggle just bending over. I have even seen a few grey hairs pop up. (Maybe you can relate?)

Despite all of these aging signs, I’m excited! I know that I’m going to live to be over 100 years old and I plan to enjoy it! Only a quarter of my life is over, and this is a time to celebrate being 30 years young. You and I should focus, not on what society expects at 30, but rather what does the rest of my life have in store. Recognizing, you are passed your party days and focusing on your future is just a step towards that future. Start creating an idea of new things you want to accomplish and get excited about the possibilities.

Fill your life with positivity! We will all stay younger longer and live a more fulfilled, vibrant life if we focus our minds. Choose to live a healthy life by nourishing your body with healthy food and regular exercise. It’s important to know that we CHOOSE to be young. “Our bodies are a reflection of our lifestyle and mentality.”

Here are two very powerful videos about people who sought to embrace their youth, despite what society expects.

70 Year Old Body Builder is More fit than most 30 Year OldsScreen Shot 2014-11-23 at 5.53.52 PM


Screen Shot 2014-11-23 at 5.54.53 PM





70 Year Old Woman Looks Better than Some 30 Year Olds


We are all meant to live long lives. Unfortunately, American culture is robbing years of life from some individuals through unhealthy lifestyle choices. Back in Biblical times, it was common for people to surpass 100 years of age. This was all done without the modern medicine and healthcare that we rely on today. You would think our society would be living longer with how many resources we have access to today.

Here is a fun idea to keep your party celebration healthy: Tipsy Yoga

If you want a birthday party that promotes fun and healthy meal options this is it. Try substituting fruit and veggies for pizza and chips. Also, try substituting liquor and water for beer and soda.

After everyone is warmed up and are a little tipsy, the yoga craziness will begin. It will be an hour of yoga in a circle. You will all be able to see each other and call out who messes up. You’ll need tons of shots poured in the middle of the room. The shot glasses will be filled with a clear liquor, water, and aloe.  You may be thinking aloe? Yes aloe is good for you. As we work our way through the series of moves, if someone falls over or out of pose, they need to hustle to the shots and take one. They don’t know if they will get a refreshing shot of water, a healthy shot of aloe, or a yoga inhibiting shot of liqour. Afterwards you can have movies, card games, and socializing. No need to be up till 3 am, hitting on random people, and filling our body with unhealthy pizza or fast food. Just a fun, relaxed, and healthy celebration.

***If you think this is a cool idea and want to try it with your of age friends, share this link.***


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