In One Ear, Not Out the Other

earcandy“Candy to Our Ears”: As sweet as it tastes to have a piece of candy, we know it’s bad for our health. It does nothing good for us after the initial pleasure of that sweet sugary taste. After that it produces zero points towards happiness.

That is what most of us are doing with our ears. We fill our minds with “Ear Candy”. Whether it’s TV or music, it is noise to entertain us for the moment without bringing any true value to our lives.

I still love watching a good TV episode of Big Bang Theory or jamming out to timeflies. However, what we fill our minds with matters. I was in the gym the other day watching ESPN and heard for the sixth time about off the field issues of NFL players. I was so sick of hearing the same stories in different ways. I get it’s attention grabbing media but I don’t need to fill my mind with that stuff over and over.

As exciting as it is to watch and listen to five hours of pre-game shows and analysts the week up to the game, does any of that matter? Instead of watching five hours of pre-game coverage that week, what if you worked on yourself? What would investing five hours of reading, studying, exercising, or improving a relationship do for your life?

I rarely watch the news or read the paper because I feel depressed after watching it. Every time I watch the news it‘s negative. It’s mostly who died, what industry is struggling, what tragedy happened, and what people are frustrated with. I don’t want to spend 30-60 minutes every day hearing and watching that.

Music is mostly songs about sex, drugs, alcohol, problems, and hate. Although many songs get me moving and have a good beat, they do nothing for my future. Based on what the music is saying, it’s actually filling my mind with bad influences.  This is why I try to listen to K-Love radio or podcasts in my car. It may not always be the coolest beat to jam to, but it brings value to my life.

What if you just spent 20 minutes a day listening to uplifting life-improving material. Most of you can do this on the commute to work or while at the gym in the morning. That’s 121 hours a year. What if you listened to 121 hours of improving relationships, health, or becoming a better person? How different would your life be?

Here is a new song release from Lecrae It’s called “Sayin Nuthin” and he talks about how most songs we fill our minds with, aren’t very positive.


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