What time is your alarm set for…..at night?

What’s even more important than your morning alarm is your evening alarm. Many of us have trouble getting up or hitting snooze. We feel tired not because of what time it is in morning, but our choices the evening before. Too many of us stay up too late hanging out with friends, watching TV, or creeping on Facebook. None of this really brings us any value. We intend to go to bed but get distracted by instant pleasures in the moment. We finally get to bed one or two hours later than we originally planned. Therefore it’s affecting our morning routine.
If you know you function best on six or seven hours of sleep, it’s not as important what time you set your alarm for but  the time you choose to go to bed at night. My evening alarm is set for 9:45PM because I know realistically, when that goes off I wont get to bed for another 30 to 60 minutes. That is, if I don’t succumb to the instant pleasure of scrolling through Facebook or emails before my eyes shut. I also like to have a quote that reminds me night alarmof my dreams and goals. My alarm says “get to bed and rest up for a miracle morning!” It’s important to remind ourselves of the overall long lasting happiness that will be created from our choices as opposed to in some pleasure in the moment that keeps us from doing what we really want.

Many of us have great intentions the evening before to wake up, work out, have breakfast, do your homework, and do things that are important to us. When we stay up too late it affects our energy when we wake up and most of us choose to sleep in and not pursue our dreams.

What time are you going to set your evening alarm for to allow you to wake up when you want and live the life of your dreams?

Follow Hal Elrod’s Miracle Morning bedtime affirmations to help you go to bed the right way:

FIRST: Clean Up!
I have completed all of my daily tasks necessary to prepare myself for The Miracle Morning tomorrow. I have thoughtfully created clarity for what time I am waking up and what I will do when I wake up. I am anticipating the morning with positive expectations because I am well aware of the benefits that will result in my life by choosing to live The Miracle Morning.

SECOND: Rest Up!
Going to bed tonight at ___ tonight and waking up at ___ gives me ___ hours of sleep. This is PLENTY; in fact, it is much more than I really need in order to perform at peak level tomorrow. I cannot allow myself to fall into the belief that sleeping more will somehow improve my life; in fact, it will be seriously detrimental to my stress level, finances, marriage, career, and lifestyle goals. My quality of life as I know it depends on waking up on time tomorrow.

THIRD: Wake Up!
I am waking up at ____ tomorrow morning. By doing so, I significantly increase the likelihood that I will achieve my goals this week, this month, this year or for my life. This includes all aspects of my life: lifestyle goals, income goals, family goals, relationship goals, and all of my other personal and professional goals. I am committed to waking up on time tomorrow, because I know that how I start my days determines how I create my life.

Regardless of what I dream about, how long it takes to fall asleep, or how tired or overwhelmed I feel right now, or how I feel when I wake up, I will energetically jump out of bed tomorrow at ___ and create my best life!

The Miracle Morning

****Don’t forget to share this blog with your friends! They may be a great accountability partner to getting to bed earlier.*****


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